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1. Code of Conduct for Our Athletes

Starz Netball Club adheres to a Code of Conduct as outlined below. As a club athlete and club representative, we expect this standard to be followed and maintained at all times during matches, training and club activities.
Starz also follows standards and ethics in accordance with all England Netball policies, such as anti-bullying and whistleblowing. Anyone not complying with club policies and code of conduct will be managed in an appropriate manner including expulsion from the club if necessary. 


* Treat teammates, coaches, umpires, other members of the club and opponents with respect
* Never use bad language or insult opponents, coaches or spectators
* Provide maximum effort in training and matches
* Understand coaches make the final decision, both in team selection and substitutions
* Respect the fact my team may need me to play in positions that may not be my favourite
* Attend training regularly and be available for competitions (The expected attendance rate for training/matches if on a regional squad is 90% and 85% if on pink & blue squads)
* Promptly inform your team captain/coach/team administrator of any attendance delays or absence/sickness/injury
* Know the date, time and venue of training sessions and matches
* Maintain an enthusiastic and positive attitude at training and matches
* Mobile phones must not be used during training sessions and matches
* Bring sufficient water and snacks to training sessions and matches
* Arrive in plenty of time for training and matches and be proactive with your own warm-up on arrival
* Have appropriate sports kit and appearance (Starz kit, trainers, short nails, long hair tied back, no jewellery) for training sessions and match play, as agreed with the team captain or coach
* Be aware of the rules as issued by England Netball and play accordingly in the spirit of the game
* Be aware of the rules and code of conduct for any league and/or competition in which you play
* Ensure everyone is included, even if they are not your friend
* Respect and accept an official or coach decision with grace
* If using social media, think before you post